Suppliers & Product Lines

With a variety of popular products such as Colonial Cobble pavers and Alta Wall you can view them all here.

From Blu 60 mm slate finish to Rocka Steps, and the new Borealis Stepping Stones, Techo-Bloc has plenty of styles that will surely meet your needs. Their full product list can be found at their website.

Unilock has a large selection of pavers, wallstone, and even tile. Beacon Hill Flagstone and Treo pavers being the very popular, be sure to look at their products online.

Dealing mostly with Redland Brick you can find exactly what brick color an type you're looking for with their website.

Pavers, as well as the famous Versa-lock Retarining Wall System, their products can be found online on their website.

Dealing with real clay brick pavers, Pine Hall Brick may have your dream paver! Here, a gallery of their products can be found.

Suppliers continued

Heritage Stone is an Amish owned company that deals with cultured stone at an attractive price. Without a doubt take a look at the products they offer!

Delgado deals with a wide selection of natural stone veneers! View them here.

Oakville Natural stone is the best of internationally imported stone, be sure to take a look at their website to find anything you may need.

100% Organic mulch that runs itself into humus! Visit their website if you're interested in learning more about their product.

Can't find what you need?

Give us a call at 203-266-6005, we will be able to answer any questions regarding product availability or even offer suggestions based on our experience!

Alliance Gator is a premier line of joint-lock sand as well other paver enhancing products! Visit their website here.